Parking permits for commuter students are available for next quarter. From now until Dec. 1, commuting students can join a waitlist for Winter 2020 permits. 

The lottery-based waitlist is for the orange lots and the Village Drive parking structure. The permits will be awarded starting Dec. 2 and cost $150 to purchase, according to Transportation and Parking Services.  

There will be 1,000 permit available for Winter 2020 for commuter students, an increase from the 767 that were available in the fall. Annual and fall parking permits both sold out, University Spokesperson Matt Lazier wrote in an email to Mustang News. 

Three types of annual permits were offered. There were a combined 5,737 requests for permits, according to Lazier, and 73 percent of students on the list were offered a chance to purchase one. 

There were two types of quarter permits offered, with 1,806 total requests, Lazier wrote. Of the students on the waitlist for fall, 75 percent were offered a chance to purchase either an annual or quarter-long permit. 

“It’s difficult to say whether every student on the lists got a permit,” Lazier wrote. “Many students were on both lists.”

Cal Poly’s 2035 Master Plan has approximately the same number of parking spaces as there are today, according to Lazier. During various phases of campus construction, there will be fewer parking spaces for a period of time, but the parking spaces will be replaced. 

Chemistry sophomore William La said he was able to get an annual parking permit. He said that because it was a lottery, the process was not very difficult. 

“If I didn’t get one, I probably would have just walked or biked or something,” La said. 

Industrial technology and packaging junior Sydney Meertens said she likes biking to school because she said it is faster than walking. 

“I live close enough to campus that I don’t need to drive,” Meertens said. “Parking is insane on campus, obviously, and expensive.”

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