ISome movies try to be more epic than they actually are. ‘Jumper’ looks to be part of that category.

While its premise, a story about people who, for thousands of years, have been able to teleport, is creative, executing it well while maintaining a balance between plot and special effects is apparently where it fails.

It also doesn’t help that Hayden Christensen takes the lead role as someone just learning to “jump.” Hopefully Samuel L. Jackson beating him down will make it somewhat worthwhile.

Definitely, Maybe:
‘Wimbledon’ writer Adam Brooks presents his first romantic comedy that is definitely, maybe worth seeing for “chick flick” lovers.

Ryan Reynolds stars as a father going through a divorce and whose daughter loves story time with daddy. Except the stories he tells her are of his past relationships, making for a big flashback circus of fun.

It’s sure to have a handful of feel-good moments, as they’re almost always guaranteed when you combine a young father, his child and too many cliche hugs.

Step Up 2:
Booty shaking. That’s what it comes down to with the “Step Up” series. If booty shaking and cliche, yet highly emotional endings are your thing, “Step Up 2” is ready to deliver all the goodness of “the (supposed) streets” to you.

For the “Step Up” fans out there, be aware that the sequel has a new director, writer, and cast, all of whom are amateurs (much like the first). Starting over with an entire new set of amateurs might not have been the best move, but critics aren’t entirely dissatisfied, as the dancing is apparently worth the time.

Doug Liman (“Mr. And Mrs. Smith”)

Adam Brooks (“The Invisible Circus”)

Jon Chu (“When The Kids Are Away”)

Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson

Ryan Reynolds, Rachel Weisz

Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman

Excitement level:

Excitement level:

Excitement level:

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