Cal Poly’s Music Production Union (MPU) has made a last minute change in the club’s “Take Flight” festival happening Saturday. Originally set to be at Architecture Graveyard, the concert will now take place at Robert O’Neill Lawn. 

“This space actually allows us to do some other cool stuff that wasn’t possible at Arch Graveyard,” computer science senior Remy Wolf, the club’s president, said. “Like we’re considering having a live art installation and some other cool stuff.” 

The location change was prompted following the fire marshal deciding on Tuesday that the event could not take place at Arch Graveyard due to being a high fire risk. 

MPU has been working alongside ASI to quickly prepare the new location for the upcoming festival. 

The only change from the original event is that there will no longer be a food truck and water will not be provided at the event due to the festival being located so close to other food outlets on campus. 

The merch and food bundle that was originally offered is also no longer available for purchase due to food and water no longer being supplied by the event. 

Festival merch will still be available for purchase which will feature a print of a dome structure from Arch Graveyard along with the line-up.

“The merch is now a rare misprint so it’s actually more valuable,” computer science senior Jonny Schreiber, a former MPU president, said. 

MPU has started a GoFundMe for the upcoming event to help cover festival expenses.  

Take Flight will still be free to attend and run from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

You can register for free tickets to Take Flight here.

“Obviously it’s not the same cool aesthetic that Arch Graveyard has, but it’s still a really beautiful space,” Schreiber said. “It feels like the kind of space that you should have at a music festival to be honest, so we’re still really excited, and we still have all the same music and it’s still gonna be good vibes.”