Singer Nick Jaina will bring his carefully orchestrated melodies and slow, soulful music to The Clubhouse tonight, as he once again attempts to transport listeners back to a simpler time.

“I have been influenced by such great singer/songwriters as Paul Simon, Tom Waits, and The Beatles,” Jaina said in a telephone interview. “Their music is crafted with great lyrics and melodies in a clever way. I hope my music speaks to people like that.”

Hailing from Sacramento, 30-year-old Jaina currently resides in Portland when he isn’t touring. By day, he is a graphic designer and by night he graces the stage to offer his music to the masses. Sometimes he even “(plays) music on the street, or (plays) a second show in a bar or someone’s house,” he said.

Jaina has been playing music since he was 16 and plays both the guitar and the piano. Whatever the instrument, he always strives to have his music reflect his personality and beliefs.

“I would say my music is based on folk, but I want my songs to really reveal who I am,” Jaina said.

He and his band are on the last leg of their current U.S. tour, making stops in such places Portland, New York, Vermont, Chicago and New Orleans.

“The tour has been amazing and such a life-changing experience. We get to play in all these great places, and the people are different each night. Every place we go is beautiful,” Jaina said.

Even with the expensive price of gas and the hardships of touring (i.e. being stuck with the same people traveling in small spaces for seven weeks straight), Jaina has remained positive.

“The longer we are on tour, the better we sound and the better the crowds get at each show,” Jaina said.

Jaina’s current favorite song is a new one he wrote called “That Tired, Tired Lie.” It tells the story of how people live their lives and the way others want them to – not how they themselves want to – and the regrets of not following their own dreams.

“The lie is that it’s so easy to get caught up in what others expect, and harder to choose not to believe and break away to do what you want to do, when it’s (should be) other way around,” Jaina said.

Jaina has played in San Luis Obispo once before in another band; this will be his first solo act in town.

“I’m excited to see what the turnout will be, because last time I played here it was such a great show. I’m from northern (California), and all the skepticism about southern (California) is true. You know, the palm trees instead of forests can be scary!” Jaina said sarcastically.

He will be playing at The Clubhouse at 8 p.m. tonight.

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