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Twelve years: that’s how long the Change the Status Quo Conference has been going on at Cal Poly. This year is no different, as final preparations for the conference are underway.

The conference aims at encouraging its participants to engage with their community and feel empowered to become better leaders.

Industrial engineering senior Jeffrey Silva, one of the event organizers, hopes participants will get even more out of attending the conference.

“I really hope that they walk away with at least one contact with one organization,” said Silva.

Silva himself was attracted to Student Community Services because of his love for volunteering. This year marks the second Change the Status Quo Conference he has helped organize.

According to event organizers, planning the conference is a year-round commitment.

“We don’t really stop planning for it,” said Kendall Smith, Director Coordinator at Student Community Services. “We kind of start right after the conference ends with reflection.”

To register for the conference, visit www.studentlife.calpoly.edu or register starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday in front of Chumash Auditorium.

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