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The Gender Equity Center on Thursday had a booth in the University Union Plaza to show students statistics on sexual assault on college campuses.

Tammie Velasquez, the assistant coordinator of the Gender Equity Center, said V-Day is all about social justice. It is a movement for gender issues related toward violence against women and girls. It is also about female empowerment and women’s issues.

V-Day isn’t just a Cal Poly event, it is a global movement promoted through campaigns, local volunteers and college students.

“This is a day that everyone gets up and talks about it, a lot of people do flash mobs and events like this,” Velasquez said.

V-Day is about gender equality, as well as beauty, she said.

“Everyone is beautiful in their own way and they shouldn’t have to fit in a certain identity of beauty,” Velasquez said.

The V-Day celebrations continue throughout the weekend with the Vagina Monologues.

Velasques said the monologues raise awareness for all different types of issues and that the event brings tears, joy and laughter.

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