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Gone are the days you need a laptop to register for classes, make payments and accept financial aid. Cal Poly’s University Registrar is working to create a new app that does it all.

“We want to be able to create a more robust and more modern looking app that actually carries the Cal Poly brand — the look and feel of Cal Poly and the way Cal Poly presents itself,” University Registrar Cem Sunata said.

Basic functionalities, such as registering for academic and recreation center classes, accepting financial aid and making university payments, are just a few of the features the Cal Poly is planning to add.

“I know a lot of people have trouble registering for classes,” communication studies sophomore Anika Maney said. “I’ve had registration time in the middle of a class and if I could do that on an app and not have to lug my laptop to a class, that’d be great.”

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There are currently two apps associated with Cal Poly: Cal Poly Now and Cal Poly. The Cal Poly Now app is the official app of Student Affairs and offers guidebooks for orientation, Week Of Welcome (WOW), Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), Cross Cultural Centers, University Housing and more. The Cal Poly app contains information about Cal Poly’s student portal, dining, recreation, a campus map and safety.

“Students don’t really know, especially in their first year, whether they’re supposed to use Cal Poly Now or Cal Poly, so it’d be awesome if they could combine them,” industrial engineering sophomore Hannah Casper said.

Sunata is working with Information Technology Services (ITS) to determine the mechanical logistics of the app and is also exploring ways to fund the app.

Funding the app through leftover graduation initiative funds — funds allocated to California State University campuses and used to eliminate challenges towards degree progress, is one idea. According to Sunata, the leftover funds can be used in the area of technology solutions to improve academic processes greatly impacting students.

“I think students are always on the go and don’t always want to have to sit down and find a place to use a laptop and find Wi-Fi,” business administration sophomore Jordan Vannucci said. “Having the ability to register for classes or use both apps while at the beach instead of having to be in the library or in your room studying while registering for classes would be easier for students.”

The University Registrar said they want to include student representation in the governing structure as Sunata is working with ASI President Jasmin Fashami and ASI Chief of Staff Luke Haley to collect student input and participation for the campus app project.

“We have certain ideas as to what the students need, but students also have the idea of what they would like to see in the app,” Sunata said. “The students know best as to what they would like to see in there.”

The app is in development, but there is no date currently set for release.

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