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While most of campus was home for the holidays, Kathryn O’Hagan quietly began her new position as coordinator of fraternity and sorority life.

O’Hagan, who started on Dec. 18, came from Spring Hill College in Alabama, where she worked with greeks as coordinator of student involvement.

“I’m very happy to be here,” O’Hagan said. “I really am excited to get started when students get back and hopefully we can hit the ground running.”

O’Hagan replaces Diego Silva, who worked as coordinator from January 2011 until November 2013. In a statement to Mustang News, Silva said he is grateful for his time at Cal Poly, and misses his Mustang family very much.

“I was presented with a great career opportunity at Occidental College which is also closer to my hometown,” Silva wrote. “It was a tough decision but in the end this was the best decision for me. I look forward to hearing great things from Cal Poly Greeks!”

For now, O’Hagan doesn’t plan on making too many big changes to greek life.  She plans to continue to support greek students and work with the council leaders to, “go with the flow.”

“I think I’ll just continue to support them and what they’re doing,” O’Hagan said. “Try not to make too many waves, because that’s just not going to help anyone feel like I’m their advocate.”


O’Hagan has a strong passion for greek life, and she’s excited to share it with the Cal Poly community, she said. A member of Alpha Chi Omega at Missouri State University, O’Hagan earned her undergraduate degree and later her master’s degree in student affairs in higher education.

As a graduate student she worked in her university’s office of student engagement, where she discovered her love for working with the greek community.

“It was wonderful and I realized I would do it for free,” O’Hagan said. “I would tell you do what you love, so I’m doing what I love.”

O’Hahan assumes her newest position after stints at Missouri State University, Drury University and Spring Hill College.

“When I saw this opportunity here, I just kind of had to take it,” O’Hagan said. “Beautiful place. It’s a wonderful campus. I’m starting to get used to the changes and it’s great so far.”

In her first few weeks on campus, O’Hagan has been trying to adjust to life at a large public institution, after coming from a small private school, she said.

“I’ve really just been trying to get to know the atmosphere and culture here,” O’Hagan said. “It’s going to be different then what I’m used to – both at Missouri State and in Alabama.”

Panhellenic Council President Danielle Durante said O’Hagan’s diversified experiences are going to be beneficial to the greek community.

“She’s really awesome,” Durante said. “I think its great that she’s coming from a different background, so then she’s bringing in kind of new material and new ideas for us.”

Working with students like the council leaders who share her passion for greek life is what O’Hagan is most excited about for her new position.

“I’m just so grateful that I’ll be working with students who are passionate about what I’m passionate about,” O’Hagan said.  “That will really help us get a good communication and get a good relationship building.”

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