A second billboard asking for information about Kristin Smart was installed this week.

The billboard is located directly behind the “Welcome to Oceano” sign on the intersection of Halcyon Road and Highway 1.

The ongoing Kristin Smart case has garnered recent attention with new developments in the investigation and podcast “Your Own Backyard.” 

“I think it’s a sign of how much the community wants to help now,” “Your Own Backyard” producer Chris Lambert said. “That first billboard sat out for 20 something years and it just got really faded and weathered, and it just stayed like that.” 

The new billboard features solar panels with lights so it can be seen from far away at night.

The first billboard was updated in January with donations from local sign company Brand Creative West, according to Lambert.

Two weeks ago, four separate search warrants were issued in San Luis Obispo County, Los Angeles County, and Washington State in search for items of evidence. Several items of evidence were taken from the home of Susan Flores, mother of Paul Flores who has been a person of interest in the case. 

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