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Friday and Saturday of Greek Week consisted of giving back to the community and a whole lot of fun in the sun.

The Greek Week teams — separated into Hunger Games-style “districts” — now gear up for the last day of Greek Week on Sunday.


1. Greek Gives

Districts went out into San Luis Obispo and surrounding cities to serve the community and various nonprofit organizations.

Some places the team members helped were Partners in Equestrian Therapy, WOODS Humane Society, Growing Grounds, Children’s Research Network, San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, SLO Food Bank and One Cool Earth.


1. Beach day at Pismo

After community service on Friday, the districts had some fun at Pismo Beach.

As of now, here are the district rankings along with their scores.

First: District 5 (gold) with 1130

Second: District 2 (red) 1109

Third: District 4 (purple)  1071

Fourth: District 6 (maroon) 1017 

Fifth: District 8 (lime) 950

Sixth: District 1 (dark blue)  943

Seventh: District 7 (light blue) 914

Eighth: District 3 (green) 710

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