On last day of Greek Week left, District 5 still holding first

Throughout many activities and competitions this week, District 5 has come out on top. They have been in first place since Wednesday.

Second day of Greek Week: Dodgeball, bowling and more

District 4 won the dodgeball tournament. District 8 went for gold in the bowling matches and collected the most cans for the SLO Food Bank.

Food for football

Rather than a standard entry fee, attendees of the Spring Green and Gold Game will be asked to donate one non-perishable food item or monetary contribution for the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County (SLO Food Bank). Bins for food…

Defining your relationship with the food you eat

The much-anticipated week has finally arrived — the first week back to classes. I can tell you what is already going through most people’s heads. Wowies: “That was the most amazing week ever! School is so awesome!” Wow Leaders: “I’m…