Burning permits and other open fire uses are currently suspended until further notice in the southern region of California due to the risk of wildfires and their potential to destroy life and property. The suspension was issued by Candace Gregory, Cal Fire’s Southern Region chief.

“The burn suspension should not affect fire marshal-approved public fireworks shows,” said Chad Zrelak, fire captain of the San Luis Obispo branch of Cal Fire. “The operators of these shows have to be licensed through the fire marshal’s office and each display is inspected by a fire official before the show. All other fireworks (use, sale, possession) are illegal in San Luis Obispo County with the exception of some jurisdictions.”

The suspension includes all state responsibility areas and local responsibility areas. The proclamation covers 23 counties, including San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Monterey counties. The current and predicted fire weather has alarmed officials, and is the primary reason for the suspension. Even agricultural, forest management, hazard abatement and other industrial-type burnings are suspended. All residential “dooryard” burning permits are also temporarily void.

“The burn suspension will be in effect until there is a proclamation from the regional chief lifting the ban,” Zrelak said. “Given the current weather and wild land fuel conditions, the burn suspension will most likely not be lifted until the end of the fire season. Fire season usually ends in late fall or early winter.”

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