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As of March 16, the Cal Poly “P” is closed indefinitely, according to Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier.

“There is currently no timeline for the area to be open to the public again,” Lazier said.

Access to hiking trails, decorating area and the hillside adjacent to the “P” are restricted due to safety concerns, according to an email from Facilities Customer & Business Services sent to the Cal Poly community on March 20.

Erosion from recent stormy weather has disrupted the stability of the hillside and created an “unsafe condition for pedestrian foot traffic,” the email said.

Students are advised not to attempt to hike the “P” at this time.

The safety concerns surrounding the “P” are similar to those that led to the evacuation of Fremont Hall, Lazier said.

“The two situations are similar in that they are related to erosion from this winter’s ongoing rainfall,” Lazier said.

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