The Delta Sigma Phi chapter house in San Luis Obispo. | Kyle McCarty/Mustang News

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Correction:The university is not currently investigating Delta Sigma Phi, as this post previously stated. The story has been changed to reflect the true nature of Cal Poly’s involvement in the robbery case.

The Dean of Students office is waiting to review the police report for the case of Gear McMillan, the nutrition senior and former Delta Sigma Phi (DSP) president who pleaded no contest to felony possession for sale of marijuana. The university will use that information to determine whether an investigation into the fraternity as a whole is necessary.

If that information suggests there is an organizational issue that needs to be addressed, Dean of Students Jean DeCosta will determine whether to impose sanctions.

McMillan was arrested last August after an attempted robbery at the DSP fraternity house.

“If the information provided to us shows that there’s a number of CSU standards of student conduct being violated, we are obligated to investigate,” Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey said.

Any potential sanctions cannot be determined until after the investigation has been concluded. According to Humphrey, there is not a chapter issue right now.

“Just because one person who was a member of a fraternity or any organization does something or is accused of something does not mean that it’s necessarily an organizational issue,” Humphrey said.

DSP’s national organization has been providing the chapter support and guidance to ensure that the chapter is making healthy decisions in line with the values of the organization, according to Humphrey.

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