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The San Luis Obispo Police Department has been responding to an increase in laptop thefts since the academic year started.

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The San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) responded to two burglaries Thursday night, with multiple laptops stolen in both incidents, Sgt. Chad Pfarr said.

The first burglary occurred on California Boulevard at approximately 8:30 p.m. when two laptops were reported stolen from a Cal Park apartment, Pfarr said.

Two hours later, multiple laptops were reported stolen from the Sigma Kappa sorority house on Grand Avenue, Pfarr said.

“There were multiple computers stolen, not everybody in the house, but I believe four to six computers,” he said. “The report hasn’t been processed all the way.”

According to Pfarr, no damage was done to the sorority house and nothing else was stolen. The burglar was able to enter the residence through an unlocked door, he said.

Liberal studies sophomore Jenny Jacobs said Saturday that Sigma Kappa officers would not comment on the alleged burglary.

SLOPD does not have any leads on who was involved in either incident, but Pfarr said police are investigating forensic evidence from both locations.

“Once they look at that evidence, we’ll be able to see if they’re linked at all,” Pfarr said. “But right now, we can’t show that they are, other than the fact that they’re similar type burglaries with similar things taken.”

SLOPD has responded to an increase in laptop thefts since school started, Pfarr said.

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