Cal Poly University Store is helping students become ready day one. Poly Access, the University Store’s new digital book program, provides access to course materials prior to the first day of class, ensuring that all students are ready to learn and empowered for academic success. 

Poly Access is designed to reduce costs and give students access to their digital course materials for free through the add/ drop date. Any time before that date students can opt out and purchase their course materials elsewhere. 

Commonly known as Immediate Access throughout the California State University system, the program provides up to a 60 percent savings over the textbook price. Currently, more than half of the 23 CSU campuses utilize this convenient program. 

Poly Access is one of many strategies the CSU is using to lower the cost of books. Too often students have skipped buying or renting a textbook because the cost is too high. Poly Access provides access to all materials for free in the first weeks while giving extra time to pay for books. 

Poly Access takes the hassle out of book buying by simply including course materials as part of the course charge. This process also allows students to better budget for their courseware. Once a student has registered for a class that offers Poly Access their course materials will be available in Poly Learn prior to the start of the quarter. With a simple opt-out feature, students have time to shop around and not interrupt their course work. 

This program simplifies student lives with a stress-free experience and reduces the worry about getting the wrong book or the wrong edition. It also levels the playing field, ensuring students are prepared and ready to learn day one. 

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