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Forget everything you’ve ever thought about school dances and proms. Tuck all of those painful memories of standing awkwardly by the punch bowl on the top shelf next to your high school yearbooks.

As April comes to a close, so do the festivities in honor of Pride Month at Cal Poly, with Pride Prom capping the series of events on Saturday, May 2.

Pride Prom is about leaving that awkwardness behind and embracing who you are, Pride Center assistant coordinator Adam Serafin said.

“Cal Poly Pride Center hosts Pride Month every year, which is a monthlong celebration of LGBTQIA community here at Cal Poly,” Serafin said. “Annually, one of our biggest events is Pride Prom.”

The Pride Prom is put on by the Pride Center with the help of student assistants and event coordinators, Serafin said.

“It’s been very successful in the past with lots of involvement,” Serafin said. “Last year, we had about 150 to 200 people attend the prom.”

Its goal is to create a positive and fun environment.

“Obviously people love to dance,” Serafin said. “But it also makes for a really cool space where people can feel free to be themselves.”

Ultimately, the intention behind Pride Month and Pride Prom is to support all types of Cal Poly students.

“The goal of Pride Month as a whole is to celebrate our queer identities on campus,” Serafin said. “To validate and affirm our queer students and break down stereotypes surrounding the LGBT community.”

Pride Prom will run from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. in the Recreation Center’s Multi-Activity Center.

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