Pride Prom to welcome all who love to boogie

Forget everything you’ve ever thought about school dances and proms.

Queer Student Union to give Cal Poly its first drag show

The drag show will shed light on issues often swept under the rug.

Cal Poly Pride Center hosts monthlong LGBTQIA pride event

On April 1, Cal Poly kicked off its annual Pride Month: a monthlong celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA) community on campus.

The ‘shit-in’: event highlights difficulty in accessing gender-neutral restrooms

The Cal Poly Queer Student Union will be hosting a “shit-in,” an event designed to put students in the shoes of transgender individuals and pledge to only use gender neutral bathrooms for three days.

Pride Prom: A celebration of identity

Pride Prom, on April 18, isn’t your average high school dance.

For transgender students, bathrooms aren't only issue

Finding a safe, private space to go to the restroom is only one of many issues transgender students at Cal Poly deal with.

New K-12 law highlights transgender students' plight

Zach Maher/Staff Photographer Though it may not directly affect universities, a new law for K-12 schools will promote equality for transgender students. Kayla Missman [follow id = “kaymissman”] Transgender students are protected by nondiscrimination policies, but they don’t have enough…

New Cross Cultural Centers met with wide support

One quarter after the creation of the Cross Cultural Centers, the work-in-progress has received vast support.