Ryan Chartrand

To the people in charge of the displays on campus this week, I’m just wondering…

If you really cared about the unborn victims of violence, why would you ever exploit their bloody limbs and disfigured bodies on giant display boards for thousands of people to cringe at?

If you really cared about life, why would you promote such morbid and horrific displays of death? Does this “scare tactic” really work? Is it really successful at inducing ideas of stopping abortion or is it only successful at inducing vomit?

I am a firm believer in life, but frankly I am embarrassed and appalled to be associated with people who, in efforts to raise awareness about the issue, would produce such obscene and disgusting images.

I’m really curious. Of all the people brave enough to come up and take a good look, how many of them changed their minds on the issue and how many were just infuriated and discouraged like me? There are so many other ways to educate people that do not involve blood and dismembered fetuses. Maybe rather than using your time to construct these monstrosities around college campuses, use it to figure out a peaceful way to spread the message.

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