Ryan Chartrand

First off, I would like to inform the general public that this letter is not designed to contradict or insult anybody.

What a concept, eh?

No, this letter is written to congratulate Patrick Molnar and the students from the College Republicans. Bravo.

I particularly enjoyed Mr. Molnar’s use of poetry and prose in his rather lyrical opinion piece. Whether you agree with his message or not, one must admit that the imagery was superb.

I also enjoyed the piece by the College Republicans. Finally, they have chosen an issue where they can pursuade someone of their beliefs (instead of preaching to the choir, a failing I noted a lot in previous conservative columnists). In addition, they were actually able to cite facts in favor of their argument from non-biased sources (another failing I had noted in previous columns). And before you think I’m being sarcastic, I really mean this. I may not agree entirely with their point, but they have definitely earned my respect.

So kudos to our new political columnists, and I hope we can look forward to a full year of the same high-quality writing.

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