I am writing in response to Ms. Haeussling’s letters to the editor voicing her disgust of the Rangemaster advertisements. She says that since she doesn’t like guns and their potential to kill people, gun stores should not be allowed to advertise. Think about this Ms. Haeussling. I don’t think that the paper should publish anything having to do with homosexuality. Just like you feel guns are bad for a college environment, I feel that homosexuality is equally hazardous.

Not only can it spread AIDS, but all that anal leakage is causing global warming. So in the words of Ms. Haeussling, “if someone’s heart goes out to homosexuality (why on earth it would do that), please find a hang-out for yourself and your buddies. If I pick up a Mustang Daily I don’t really need to be informed about your actions.”

If the paper could only publish what everybody agreed with, then there would be no paper. Do you get my point? Ms. Haeussling, I do not understand why you think that your opinion carries so much more weight than anybody else’s. You have the right to not look at the paper. If it has something that you don’t agree with, then don’t look at it.

Eliminating guns will not solve any problems. The fact that guns were illegal on campus at Virginia Tech did not stop Cho on that tragic day last spring. Criminals don’t let laws stop them, so why punish honest Americans with BS laws and ideas.

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