Local band Próxima Parada is performing in the University Union Plaza this Thursday. | Courtesy Photo

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Local folk-soul band Próxima Parada is slated to perform in the University Union (UU) Plaza this Thursday.

Cal Poly alumni Bryson Bailey, Andy Olson, Nick Larson and Kevin Middlekauff set out to perform on campus for the first time in more than a year.

“We all saw bands perform in the UU as students, and it is so cool to come back and play,” said Middlekauff, who plays bass and mandolin.

Business administration senior Rachel Hendra is working with the band as part of professor Lynn Metcalf’s Marketing Projects (BUS 454) class to help launch its upcoming album, as well as other miscellaneous tasks to take Próxima Parada to the next level. 

Hendra expects a lot of people at the show.

“They already had a following before we started working with them, and then we’ve obviously been working on getting their name out more in the Cal Poly community, so I think it’s going to be a great turnout,” Hendra said. “I don’t think there’s going to be a specific type of person that comes because I think everyone can relate to it, especially here at Cal Poly.”

Hendra said the band can’t be categorized under just one genre.

“It’s really hard to describe what their music is, because it’s folky, but not; it’s upbeat, but then there are some songs that aren’t,” she said.

Hendra said college students will like the show, especially students from San Luis Obispo, since everyone likes a variety of music. 

“We have found our music has appealed to baby boomers down to middle and high school kids,” said Bailey, who sings vocals and plays lead guitar. “We feel good that we are doing what we love and people are liking it.” 

“People can appreciate when you are passionate about something and people will pick up on it,” Larson added.

Hendra said the performance will be different because of the band’s charisma.

“They’re definitely a fun group of guys, and you can see it through their music,” she said. “They’re extremely witty and have their own sense of style that veers from the mainstream.”

Próxima Parada is currently working on a full-length album that is set to be released in September. 

Hendra has only heard a few snippets of the new album, but she said it’s going to be interesting.

To publicize its upcoming album and the band itself, Hendra and her team began using social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, putting on previews for sororities and exploring festivals where the band could potentially perform.

“Not necessarily within the next couple of months, but in the long-term, we’ve been publicizing them locally and giving them the tools they need to get in contact with venues, festivals and music blogs for after we graduate this quarter,” Hendra said.

Hendra said they’ve created strategies for the band, and press releases will help once the tracks are mastered and ready for release.

“I think that they are definitely on a path to success,” Hendra said.

The concert will begin at 11 a.m. and is free to students.

Melissa Nunez and Gianna Brigantino contributed to this article.

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