A founder of Proxima Parada leaves, reflects on years in SLO

Proxima Parada is losing one of its founders and key members.

End of an era: SLO Brew’s move raises concerns

Are dollar tacos on Monday gone forever?

KCPR features California-wide bands at WOW showcase

Campus radio station KCPR featured three different types of indie rock bands at WOW showcase this year, including Pleasantly, sea knight and Second Cousins.

Local folk-pop band The Simple Parade launches Indiegogo campaign

Local band The Simple Parade launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the recording of its first full-length album.

Próxima Parada gives soul-folk beat to UU hour

Próxima Parada made a stop at Cal Poly’s UU hour leaving high spirits and happy ears.

Próxima Parada: Folk and soul fusing on campus

Próxima Parada’s next stop? Cal Poly’s University Union Plaza.

Introducing Bonaventure: Local blues-folk band sets sail

Meet Bonventure. A new, local blues-folk duo.

Local band Sparrows Gate kicks off 10-day tour on campus

Local band Sparrows Gate will perform in the University Union Plaza on Feb. 27.