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Cal Poly-grown band Próxima Parada brought their sound to the University Union Plaza for the second time on Thursday.

As students danced, the band filled the plaza with a fusion of soul and folk, with touches of Americana licks and bluesy riffs.

“Dancing is the best way to show any band that you’re having a good time,” drummer Andy Olsen said.

The band’s name may sound familiar to anyone who rides public transit in San Luis Obispo.

“We all went to Cal Poly,” said Bryson Bailey, the lead vocalist and guitarist. “We all took the bus a lot. They always said ‘próxima parada’ on the bus. We were looking for a band name when we were just playing around, ‘Let’s make this a band name.’”

It stuck.

The band’s set progressed and more students appeared, attracted by the sound. Between playing their songs, the band offered warm thanks to the audience. In an aside asking for Facebook likes, keyboardist Nick Larson candidly described the band.

“We’re not the cool kids, but we’re trying to be,” he said.

Próxima Parada released an EP last year, Makes You Wanna. With a tour planned in August and full-length album slated for September, the band has a busy year ahead of them.


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