Radical Something is set to perform at SLO Brewing Co. on Thursday. | Courtesy photo

Sam Gilbert
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Hip-hop/rock trio Radical Something is kicking off its 2014 Summer of Rad tour with a show at SLO Brewing Co. on May 15.

Composed of Alex Lagemann (Loggy), Josh Hallbauer (Josh Cocktail) and Michael Costanzo (Big Red), Lagemann describes the band as three adventurous California guys with a passion for music and the connection it creates.  

SLO Brew General Manager Monte Schaller said college students are the typical Radical Something audience.

“It’s the perfect sound for the active, Central California lifestyle that we have right by the beach,” Schaller said.

Lagemann said the band’s typical audience is very eclectic.

“We bring together a really diverse population of people,” Lagemann said.  “Our fans are the realest and most beautiful people we know. Their support allows us to do what we love. Seeing their faces in the crowd is an amazing thing.”

Schaller describes the band’s style as similar to a cross between Sublime and Shwayze.

“I would say it’s a California beach hip-hop with a rock influence,” Schaller said.

However, Lagemann said Radical Something’s music doesn’t fall under a specific genre.


“We make what we love and we love a ton of different types of styles,” Lagemann said. “If you break it down to the core, it’s alternative, but plays mostly off of reggae, hip-hop, pop and soul.”

Lagemann said the artwork for the band’s latest album Ride It Out offers a visual representation of their music.

“We took that photo during a music video shoot with our friend and director/photographer Alexi Papalexopoulos,” Lagemann said. “It just captured something really radical and we knew it would be special.”

Ride It Out is comprised of 13 songs, which Lagemann said are drawn from a multitude of inspirations.

“Traveling and touring allows you to experience so many different things,” he said. “You can write about what you see and what you miss about home.”

This isn’t the first time the band has performed at SLO Brew. 

Lagemann said his favorite part about playing the venue is the city of San Luis Obispo as a whole.

“From the minute we arrive in the city, you can’t help but have a smile on your face the whole day,” Lagemann said. “The energy that SLO Brew contains is crazy infectious — amazing food, people, activities and live show vibes make it truly one of a kind.”

Schaller said the employees at SLO Brew enjoy watching artists who previously played at the venue develop and progress as they return.

“It’s quite amazing how life on the road for a few years can impact the way a band writes music and performs,” Schaller said.

The show is slated to begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $13 in advance and $15 at the door.

“We expect to see some rowdiness and some real intense memories being made in the crowd,” Lagemann said. “Can’t wait to rock out.”

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