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The Queen Symphony will take place live in Harmon Hall on Saturday May 17 at 8:00PM and Sunday May 18 at 3:00PM.

1. Everyone loves Queen.

Yes, THAT Queen. This incorporates your favorite songs from the rock band Queen, fused into a classical symphony. The Queen Symphony is true contemporary music at its finest.

2. 3-in-1 special.

The San Luis Wind Orchestra, The Cuesta Master Chorale, and the Cal Poly choirs are all joining forces for a one of a kind experience.

3. Be a part of the good cause.

Just by purchasing a ticket you are helping eradicate polio from the planet. This is through the Rotary Foundation’s “Polio Plus Campaign.” It doesn’t stop there. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are matching funds two-for-one. If the $15,000 goal is raised for Polio Plus, it will become $45,000 with the two-for-one match. That keeps 75,000 children from contracting polio. Woah.

4. Your favorite Queen songs, with a twist.

Whether it is the bombastic, impending force of “Radio Gaga,” the bustling Tango of “Bicycle Race,” or the humorously dark character of “Killer Queen,” each movement has a classical twist and will put a smile on your face once you hear the familiar tunes of this beloved rock group.

5. Music stimulates your brain and makes you feel good.

It’s no mystery that listening to music can change your mood. In fact, researchers have found that the anticipation and arrival of big climaxes in musical pieces causes the same dopamine release as eating chocolate or even doing drugs (without the nasty side effects).

6. Be a part of the celebration.

Cuesta Master Chorale is celebrating its 30th anniversary under its Director, Dr. Thomas Davies and accompanist Susan Davies. Come be a part of the historical fun.

7. Think big.

There is going to be an astonishing 65 instrumentalists along with a 150-voice choir.

8. Live music.

None of that YouTube nonsense this is the real deal. Break your routine and come enjoy a live concert.

9. Feel culturally sophisticated and expand your music knowledge.

Have you ever seen a Contra Alto Clarinet? Can you accurately describe the sounds of a French Horn? You will be able to answer these questions after the performance.

10. This isn’t just classical music; this is classical rock.

And the Queen Symphony will, the Queen Symphony will, rock you.

Tickets for The Queen Symphony can be purchased at:

Special student discount available.

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