Ryan Chartrand

I read your opinion and respect it, but there are some points which I disagree on.

One that personally struck a chord with me was your last statement about Iranians not discussing the Holocaust as an atrocity. I don’t know where you got this idea or how it relates to the displays really. I am an Iranian-American and I for one think that genocide is not something to be taken lightly. In middle school, my grandmother who lived in Iran wanted to tear up my poster for a project on the Holocaust.

Also, I think people on the pro-life side of things, especially the people who put up the display, need to realize that there is more to a decision of abortion. There is no need to add guilt to the issue because people who do so are not coldhearted but have circumstances that make them have to face a difficult choice. The word “my” in my choice is no way selfish; no one doubts that more than one life is affected by the decision but the concept is that the decision doesn’t belong to some third party.

Lastly, it’s ignorant to think that all abortions are a result of people making a decision to have sex for pleasure. My same grandmother had an abortion while married. When I first found out, I really was outraged but I later was told the reason was because they did not have the financial means to support another child nor the contraceptive to prevent pregnancy in Iran. Putting myself in her shoes, I realized that despite how much I am against abortion, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before judging a person who makes this choice. Hopefully you will learn the same.

Leyla Naimi
Construction management sophomore

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