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Abortion response mostly irrational (March 13)

First of all, I would like to thank Diana Watkins for bringing to our attention that the enormous posters of aborted fetuses do not show both sides of the issue. She is definitely right about that.

That’s pretty much where she stops being rational.

Where are the stories about teenage mothers dropping out of high school? She asks. I don’t know what planet Ms. Watkins is from, but I have been hearing arguments and anecdotes about pregnant teenagers in high schools my entire life. I applaud the people who put up those posters for finally showing the real other side of the argument.

Also, as far as life-threatening pregnancies, and those of “severely retarded rape victims” go, we don’t hear about them much because they don’t happen much. Abortions that actually save the life of the mother or are a result of rape are a very very small minority. It’s like one in a hundred. No truly rational person would want to stop a 13-year-old rape victim from having an abortion. The issue is the 95 percent or so of abortions which consist of people pretty much using it as birth control.

Lastly, no, it cannot be said that masturbation and menstruation are the same as abortions. No sperm or egg has the capability of becoming an individual person. In fact, they contain less genetic information than any other cell in the body.

Tim Wolf
Physics junior

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