Credit: Kylie Kowalske | Mustang News

Locally owned and family-run Scout Coffee Co. will open its third location on Cal Poly’s campus in fall 2021.

The new location, next to the Welcome Center in yakʔitʸutʸu, will offer their award-winning coffee, freshly baked pastries and other menu items that will be exclusive to the Cal Poly location. 

Aside from their bakery items, Scout will offer more substantial dining options including avocado toast, fruit and yogurt parfait, chia pudding, Liege waffles and a buttermilk biscuit with salted honey-butter and jam. 

Scout Coffee owners Jon and Sara Peterson said that they plan to bring the same aesthetic experience to this shop as they did to their locations on Garden Street and Foothill Boulevard. 

“Scout creates a certain vibe that always makes me feel particularly motivated to get work done,” business administration junior Emily Sarber said. “I am so stoked about the convenience of having one on campus next year.”

The Peterson’s say they put a lot of thought into the atmosphere they create. They plan to use both old and new materials to craft a story around the whole visitor experience.

“Scout is known for being a home away from home for a lot of students. I’m looking forward to being able to provide that safe place and that happy place,” Sara Peterson said. “We always seek to inspire people even if it’s just a five minute visit to our store.”

The owners plan to hire student employees, and said they are excited to offer this unique position where students can work flexible hours at Scout but can also still get holiday breaks and summers off.

“We are super excited to bring the Scout experience to all the students and staff,” Sara Peterson said. “It feels like a real honor to be picked to be a part of the campus experience and to represent the local San Luis Obispo businesses.”

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