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Coffee and community: Sally Loo's celebrates fifth anniversary

Sally Loo’s Wholesome Cafe opened its doors five years ago this month.

Scouting out the new coffee grounds

As the sun peeks through the glass storefront, customers filter into the Anthropologie-esque cafe for their morning dose of caffeine.

Cozy up with a latte and cronut at Kreuzberg, CA

With autumn in full swing, I suddenly developed an insatiable craving for warm coffee and sugary pastries. As if on cue, my appetite knew it was that time of year again for seasonal drinks and indulgent desserts. My coffee shop of choice: Kreuzberg, CA.

Sally Loo’s serves up ‘cozy appeal’

As fun as sit-down restaurants are, nothing beats a simple meal at a local café. One of those gems that I had the pleasure of visiting was Sally Loo’s Wholesome Cafe, just one of many small, organic restaurants in town that aim to serve healthy, local and organic coffee shop goods to the railroad district and greater San Luis Obispo area.

Kreuzberg, CA brings back open mic night

In multitudes they throng to the café — the young and attractive, the hipster and musically-inclined, with nothing but guitars on their backs, harmonicas in their pockets and intense cravings for caffeine.

Get your buzz on: coffee shops of SLO

When your second round of midterms hits, the library might not cut it as a prime study spot. After all, spending dozens of hours scrunched between books (which may be older than your parents) and a guy blasting Tyga from…