Cal Poly added a new COVID-19 testing location at Poly Canyon Village, which opened to students on Thursday, Jan. 7 and will open to employees in the near future, according to Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier.

Testing is available in the Aliso Conference Room (171A) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. — the same hours as the Performing Arts Center site.

The testing site is part of the ongoing testing program, which requires asymptomatic students who access campus to be tested twice a week. The university said symptomatic students should contact the Health Center to receive a test instead. 

Lazier said the Poly Canyon Village site has the capacity to test 800 individuals each day. The Performing Arts Center will also be increasing its testing capacity from 1,920 people each day to 2,880 daily due to the addition of testing on the second floor balcony lobby that started Jan. 8. 

Alex Jacoby, second-year business major and Poly Canyon Village resident, was tested at the Performing Arts Center several times during Fall quarter. 

“I’m stoked that I won’t have to walk across campus to get COVID tested anymore,” Jacoby said. 

Appointments for both sites can be found via the student testing webpage. Those testing must first register with Avellino Labs if they have not already done so. Students can choose which location they prefer to be tested at when registering. 

The Performing Arts Center and Poly Canyon Village sites will be utilized as the campus transitions to saliva-based screening later this month, according to Lazier.

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