Say ‘hasta la vista’ to ill-conceived special election propositions

Tomorrow’s special election and its six ballot measures have been put forth as a bi-partisan effort at fiscal responsibility – but fall completely flat. Yes, we need fiscal reform, but Propositions 1A-1E aren’t the way to do it.

College playoffs need to change

As Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) took on the heads of college football this past week in a House sub-committee meeting, the debate over college football’s postseason once again became a hot topic issue among sportswriters and fans of college football nationwide.

Health care reforms not Obama’s Nov. promises

Is Obama’s most recent outline for health care reform really up to what he promised back in November? As a candidate, Obama’s health care platform was multifaceted and ambitious.

Feds seek to control even your kitchen sink

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) proposes to put “all ocean space” under the control of the U.N.’s Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea (DOALOS).

Property rights imperative to free speech

The strongest defense of free speech, especially unpopular or unusual speech, is the right to property, the right to rent a hall and give a talk, rent a space of airtime on a television or radio show or a segment of a newspaper.

Is green suburbia really possible?

Forty miles north of San Francisco, on the site of a former industrial park, work is underway on the ambitious new Sonoma Mountain Village, a 200-acre development that aims to be truly sustainable.

Future entrepreneurs: take risks while you’re young

Not very many people have the smarts and the courage it takes to go their own way, to break out of the security of a stable career path and to venture out into the rocky, winding road of entrepreneurship, where both risks and rewards lie waiting around every bend.

U.S. should free itself from entangling alliances

American and foreign government officials have increased efforts lately to increase global oversight and regulation over a broad spectrum of topics. Operating within international organizations with globalist agendas, heads of state and their advisors have revealed radical plans to transform government as we know it, creating what is popularly referred to as ‘a new world order.’

Obama’s Supreme Court choice to influence policy for decades

Jarrett may not be the new Supreme Court nominee, but I think that anyone who meets his list of qualifications as well as Jarrett would be a good choice. This someone should not a radical, but someone who will be forward-thinking and have sound judgment.

The ‘war on drugs’: the fight against a victimless crime

Either a man has a right to himself or he does not. If he has such a right, how can it be argued that he does not have a right to also harm himself or, as in this case, commit an act which the government happens to define as harmful?

Find your niche in the scheme of green

Anyone with a successful career has at some point taken an inventory of their skills and interests and funneled them into a position that pays. Turn what you are merely good at into a career you love by finding a way integrate sustainability into your area of expertise.