Respect talent: don’t steal your entertainment

During the past decade, online piracy has become rampant and a blatant disregard for artistic copyright socially acceptable. Online piracy isn’t just theft, it’s theft of the very artistic talent we claim to value the most.

The road less traveled: Broading horizons from home

You don’t have to actually see the world to have a desire to know about it, explore its cultures or understand its people. Studying abroad may be an outlet to these things, but it is by no means a necessity.

If you thought wiretapping was shady, think about a national ID

The real objective of the national ID system is to make tracking of individuals easier for domestic surveillance purposes. If you thought the domestic wiretapping program was shady, you can justifiably fear a national ID.

Republican camp dwindling as moderates walk to Dems

The emerging Republican Party is all or nothing, and as a result we should expect more moderate Republican politicians and free thinkers to begin changing the letter after their names too.

Why I’m a scientist and a skeptic

I am a scientist because I care about finding what is true, and not what makes me feel happy or comfortable. I am an engineer to design sustainable solutions so that the intelligence which began here may continue as long as possible. I am a skeptic to protect myself and fellow humans from bad people.

Corporate lobbyist transparency needed for the green age

See, a huge number of companies make modest improvements in practices, but lobby all-out, in a variety of ways, to stall the adoption of higher standards, better land-use practices, green taxes or even health and safety regulations. And the impacts of those lobbying efforts usually far, far outweigh the good they claim to be doing with their pilot green efforts.

The Second Amendment matters again in California

The little-known case of Nordyke v. King is a huge and much-needed milestone for protecting Second Amendment rights at the state level, and has opened the door for other gun rights cases which previously had no standing to commence.

Torture memo raises question of legal proceedings

Some believe that advocating against harsh interrogation techniques like waterboarding is irresponsible, possibly putting innocent Americans in harm’s way. Others believe that torturing people is unethical and contrary to American ideals.

Dictatorships or democracies: all governments rule by force

We do well to fear the potential dangers inherent in any government, whether such government is of a tyrant or the fictitious “will of the people.” Government, even democratically elected government, is always the same. It is force, a force which can be used for good or bad, right or wrong.

Green Spot: We could learn from the Danes

In Forbes magazine’s “Best Countries For Business, 2009,” the No. 2 pick is the good ol’ USA, but Forbes’ No. 1 country for business — for the second year in a row — is uber-green Denmark!

Business as usual: All Wall Street’s a stage

Despite the rhetoric, the Obama administration (and the Bush administration previously) seems to have little interest in encouraging a genuine understanding of the roots of the crisis. After all, a true explanation would take into account all the facts, not just those that are politically correct.