Make the most of the heat

The spike in warm weather temperatures certainly isn’t characteristic of SLO. Without air conditioning in most student housing where can you go to escape the heat? Here are some suggestions on how to have a little fun while this heat wave lasts.

Hot spots for Cal Poly surfers

Cal Poly was recently voted as the No. 3 surf school in the United States by Surfline, just trailing No. 2 UC Santa Cruz and No. 1 UC San Diego. Use this interactive map to find the top surf spots for Cal Poly surfers along with photos and quotes from surfers themselves.

Take a self-guided tour of campus

Don’t worry if you missed a guided tour of the Cal Poly campus or can’t make the trip — this map will let you know the major hotspots on campus and give you an idea of what the university has to offer.

Test your Cal Poly men’s basketball IQ

Now is a time of historic, pivotal change for Cal Poly men’s basketball with the introduction of new head coach Joe Callero, who wants to take the program’s strength of schedule up a notch. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the team.

Interactive: Best tech spots on campus

See an interactive graphic featuring a map, photos and quick facts about the best spots on campus to have access to computers and Internet in a comfortable learning environment.

Fee increase proposal puts Poly at a crossroads

Almost seven years after implementing college based fees as a supplement to regular tuition, Cal Poly now finds itself in the midst of a state budget crisis, and is looking to you – the students – to further help foot the bill of your own education.

Interactive: Cal Poly campaign contributions

See an interactive graph of campaign donation amounts from Cal Poly affiliates. All public postings from the Huffington Post’s online database are shown on the graph, with names omitted. Donations less than $100, anonymous and non-listed donors are not included.