University registrar Cem Sunata said a recent change made for seniors' enrollment priority is designed to better facilitate the finishing of their degree. | Mustang News File Photo

Suha Saya

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Graduating seniors will be placed in a separate registration rotation beginning in Fall 2014, according to an email from the Office of the Registrar Thursday evening.

After special populations and graduate students register, seniors who are graduating will have rotation before those with priority registration.

“Our basic goal is to facilitate graduation for our seniors who are going into their final quarter at Cal Poly,” university registrar Cem Sunata said. “We want to make sure that they are able to register for the courses they need to complete their degree.”

The rotation, however, will only be available for students who plan to graduate during the term for which the registration is taking place, the email said.

The rotation does not interfere with any priorities students currently hold or have used in the past, the email said.

“Graduating seniors will be placed into this rotation only once during their time at Cal Poly,” the email said. “That is, if a graduating senior postpones their graduation to a future term after having registered using this rotation, they will not be placed into this rotation again.”

Seniors who have filed a request for graduation evaluation for Fall Quarter 2014 will automatically be placed into the rotation. Those planning to graduate in fall must apply for graduation by April 21 in order to be placed in the rotation.

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