Professor speaks out in opposition to new registration policies

Harvey Greenwald, mathematics professor, will bring his concerns pertaining to the new registration policy before the Academic Senate this Tuesday.

The end of priority registration

Change is hard. Here’s what you should know about the new registration changes.

Big change coming to class registration, has yet to be revealed

An official release about the change will be sent to students via email in late October.

More students taking classes outside Cal Poly

Cal Poly students are turning to outside institutions to take classes — but why?

Registration system to be revamped, Office of Registrar says

Cal Poly recently implemented a new registration rotation for graduating seniors, but that’s not the only change students will be seeing in the future.

Seniors to see change in registration process

After special populations and graduate students register, seniors who are graduating will have rotation before those with priority registration.

Office of the Registrar: Inactive use of PolyPlanner will result in consequences

Although PolyPlanner’s demand data will first influence the Winter 2015 schedule, consequences for not using the tool will go into effect for the Fall 2014 registration cycle.

Office of the Registrar launches course planning tool

PolyPlanner — Cal Poly’s newest registration tool — is now available for students to use.

The major truth: Cal Poly's change of major policy

It was the policy she had a problem with, not the people.

Admin: Cal Poly's increase in applicants only good

“This increase in applications in no way has a negative impact,” Maraviglia said. “It just makes the admission process more selective.”