The Orfalea College of Business website was linked to a pornography site, Reddit user repostheaven posted on Tuesday, Jan. 28. About an hour later, the correct link was put in place, another Reddit user commented.

University Spokesperson Matt Lazier confirmed the redirection. 

“Immediately upon learning of this, our team corrected the issue by updating the link to the student organization’s new website,” Lazier wrote in an email. 

The link was supposed to lead to the website of student organization Information Systems Association

After reviewing past iterations of the website, the club once used the domain currently showing a pornography site, but switched to in August 2019. Their old domain became available for purchase in October 2019. The link to their new website was not replaced on Cal Poly’s web page until it was pointed out that the outdated link was directing to pornography. 

The domain’s records have been restricted, so it is unclear who owns the old Information Systems Association domain.

“As the web address that had been hacked was not a university page, we do not have information about when or how the site was redirected,” Lazier said.

Cal Poly information technology services checks all websites owned by the university for dead links but does not look at websites “outside of the domain,” Lazier wrote.

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