Hi, my name is Kassi and I’m a shopaholic.

Yes, you could easily argue that most girls are shopaholics, but when I say I’m a shopaholic — I mean it. In the time that I wrote out the first sentence of this post, I already received my second email from two different clothing stores including my favorite, Urban Outfitters. In case you were wondering, their February catalog has finally arrived.

While I’ve always been a shopaholic at heart, I’d say my addiction to shopping reached an all-time high after moving to San Luis Obispo now that I had my favorite store in town. Years before coming to college, I was deprived of the grand privilege of having an Urban Outfitters in my hometown. The nearest location was approximately an hour away. My best friend and I would often make the drive to shop there for the day, trying on anything and everything we laid our eyes on. On the days we couldn’t make the trek, we had to make do with shopping on their website.

Now having an Urban Outfitters in town, I’m in heaven. Though I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t in some way dangerous to have an Urban Outfitters in such close proximity. Often when I’m shopping downtown with friends, we’ll go through the long list of stores we want to make sure to stop at and of course, I always say, “Oh, I want to go to Urban too.”  I’m not ashamed. The minute I walk in the store, I find myself in a sea of beautiful clothing. In that same moment, I know my bank account is sure to take a beating after I get to the checkout counter.

In my downtime between classes (and basically whenever I’m procrastinating), I often find myself checking their website for new arrivals as well as new sales. Let’s be honest…rare is the day I don’t check their website along with Anthropologie‘s. It’s to the point where I sit with my laptop, starting at the items in my online shopping cart, while trying to convince myself for an hour that my college student budget can afford that new cream colored cardigan or that new strapless lace dress.

Speaking of dresses, this past winter, Urban Outfitters came out with many different and unique dresses. After just a few minutes of browsing at the new selection online, I found the dress.  It was love at first sight. I’ve been mesmerized by this lace dress for months now. Every time I see the dress in the store — hanging there in all its glory and variety of colors — tears begin to fall onto my cheek as my eyes glance over the price. Well, not exactly.  But I’m always pretty disappointed when I have to walk out of the store without that dress in my hand. It’s brutal. I have to remind myself that eventually these regularly priced items will go on sale even if it feels like a century from now.

That day finally arrived the other evening. The lace dress. Was on sale. Online. For nearly half price.

My jaw dropped, my heart became warm and a smile spread across my face. Okay well maybe that sounds a little over the top, but you get the point. The dress I’ve been drooling over for months now is finally on sale!

Being the shopaholic that I am, by the next day I had already ordered it online. They offered free shipping for orders over $50 so I went for it.  But of course, I couldn’t wait any longer so I ordered it with express shipping. This basically meant that the dress would be at my doorstep within two to three business days rather than a week.

I have gone nearly insane the past couple of days just thinking that anytime the doorbell rang, the dress had arrived.

This afternoon I saw a UPS truck pull up by our house and in that moment, I knew it was here. The doorbell rang and there it was. In its beautiful package. The dress. My dress. It’s a beautiful day.

I promise I’m normal. Just your average girl with a love for shopping. And I accept it.

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