Where to shop for what: Your guide to local clothing stores

Looking for a specific style of clothing in San Luis Obispo? Leila has you covered.

Shopaholics (not so) anonymous

Hi, my name is Kassi and I’m a shopaholic. Yes, you could easily argue that most girls are shopaholics, but when I say I’m a shopaholic — I mean it. In the time that I wrote out the first sentence…

Select styles in the stores of SLO

Cal Poly attracts many different kinds of people to its campus, and consequently, many different personality types. Students often choose to represent their unique personality with their “style” and express themselves through their clothing (unless that expression says he or…

SLO businesses prepare for upcoming Black Friday

It is that time of year again, right when Thanksgiving ends, and the holiday season is around the corner; it’s Black Friday shopping time.

BLOG: Forever 21 offers trendy, inexpensive clothing

I am not a big shopper. Last Friday, however, my girly shopping gene was stimulated when I went to Forever 21.