Mr. Ingram,

I am appalled by your disrespect. So Nick didn’t go to New York in September, he went in October. Where the hell were you? Sitting safe and comfortable on your couch watching the firemen on TV?

While as a 17-year-old, Nick was out there picking through rubble and dead bodies? He went because he was needed, and wanted to do something to help the cause. There was just as much to clean up in October as there was in September, you ingrate. I’m sure he wants a cookie and sure as hell deserves a few too. And then on top of it you call him stupid, ignorant and a warmonger. Honestly, show some respect. I’m sure you don’t have the spine to actually do something about what you believe in, you just write a useless column in a college newspaper, and then throw a hissy fit when someone argues your “opinions.” Grow up.

Susan Chmelir

Business administration sophomore

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