While reading the Mustang Daily on Tuesday, my attention was drawn to the letters to the editor section. One letter in particular struck a nerve. Matt Bozigar who has no affiliation with the Cal Poly men’s soccer team, except for being a fan, wrote a critical piece on the coach and the team.

Being a player myself, I took the letter personally. Mr. Bozigar seems to think any Division I intramural team could beat the Cal Poly men’s soccer team which is complete rubbish. I work hard every day of the year whether it is waking up at 8 a.m. for practice during fall, waking up at 6 a.m. for weights during winter, going to practice at 7 a.m. during spring or spending a month of my summer at camp doing double days to prepare for the coming season. I know for a fact that we could beat any intramural team and just because we had a tough season, we shouldn’t be ridiculed with such a letter.

If Mr. Bozigar knew anything about soccer he would know that the ball is round and the bounces don’t always go your way. Those people who say they won’t play because of a coach obviously don’t have a passion for the game, because if they did they would play no matter what the conditions. We as a team appreciate those fans who were loyal and came to the games to cheer us on no matter what the outcome, but we would encourage those people who agree with Mr. Bozigar to steer clear of the games next year.

Eric Ward

City and regional planning junior

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