Speculation that Jewish fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu was planning to open a chapter at Cal Poly and that they purchased the Alpha Omicron Pi House have been proven false.

According to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier there is no plan in place at this time for development of a Sigma Alpha Mu chapter on campus. There may be opportunity for Sigma Alpha Mu to form in the future, but not for the time being.

Rabbi Chaim Hilel of Chabad of Cal Poly & San Luis Obispo, who often partners with the other Jewish organizations on campus, said a new chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu would have been an exciting edition to the vibrant Jewish life on campus.

“We operate as a home away from home for all Jewish students in San Luis Obispo, so everything that we offer to every student is offered to [fraternity members] as well. We looked forward to forming new friendships and bonds with them,” Hilel said.

Sigma Alpha Mu would have been the third Judaism-based fraternity to form a chapter at Cal Poly. Alpha Epsilon Pi the Jewish fraternity, was established on campus in 1967 and Alpha Epsilon Phi the Jewish sorority has been on campus since 2007.

Political science sophomore Jordan Roth is President of Alpha Epsilon Pi and said that their fraternity would have welcomed Sigma Alpha Mu with open arms.

“We were excited to welcome another organization that supports the growing Jewish community at Cal Poly,” Roth said.

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