While many people slept an extra hour during daylight savings, some San Luis Obispo residents got their groove on under the stars.

Local creative platform SubSessions hosted its second annual Nightlife Savings event Nov. 2, complete with 25 hours of nonstop live music from 12 p.m. to 12 p.m. the next day.

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Video by Kailey O’Connell

“I think having Nightlife Savings on the particular day that it is is during the time change creates this underlying feeling of deja vu or maybe a little time warp,” creative director Sonia Sokolovia said.

Located on a private ranch off Shell Creek Road in Santa Margarita, roughly 40 minutes from downtown San Luis Obispo, attendees either hit the dance floor until the sun rose or camped overnight.

A group of students formed local creative platform SubSessions. Natalie Goldstein | Courtesy

Each stage had two separate lineups from Kridder to the Bogeys. Attendees experienced not only live music, but also yoga, dance, and live screen printing of designs on sustainable materials.

SubSessions vendor coordinator Leah Todd-Borden said crew members had collected thrifted clothes for months in preparation for the event.

 “It’s just way more environmentally friendly,” Todd-Borden said. “We’re not buying new things to sell – we’re using what already exists.”

With no cell phone service, attendees explored each stage as well as art installations from local artists.

“My favorite part usually comes at the end, after everything when I get to look through all the photos and see all the moments that happened whether I was a part of them or not,” visual and promotional content manager Natalie Goldstein said.

All funds raised from the event benefit the Stoke the World Foundation. The foundation is a Central Coast non-profit that focuses on local artists, volunteering efforts and community building, according to their website.

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