The Dec. 2 protest in the UU. | Jordan Dunn/Mustang News

After sparking a campus conversation with a list of 41 demands sent to administration, student activist group SLO Solidarity has responded via a press release sent to Mustang News.

Points on the press release include clarifications about the timeline of the group’s demands, as well as noting that no individuals would represent SLO Solidarity in interviews. Read the full release below.

SLO Solidarity Press Release

Additionally, SLO Solidarity leader Matt Klepfer sent a statement to media regarding a death threat he received from a fake Facebook profile Tuesday night.

“I was disheartened to receive the threat, but I wasn’t surprised,” he said in the emailed statement. “It saddens me that students like that exist at this campus, but it is not surprising that our campus climate is a breeding group for those who are willing to threaten the lives of others. I’m scared though, both for my life and for my peers.” 

Klepfer said the administration and University Police Department (UPD) are actively investigating the threat. SLO Solidarity members are confident it was a Cal Poly student, he said. 

“All of the members of SLO Solidarity feel threatened and fearful of their safety on campus right now,” he said. 

“We need every student to know that threatening the lives of student organizers, those who are simply doing their best to make this campus a better place, is not okay. We are trying to improve this campus, why should our lives be threatened because of that?”

SLO Solidarity will be holding a protest in the University Union Plaza at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, as well as a march through campus Thursday at 11 a.m., starting at Robert E. Kennedy Library.

Kayla Missman contributed to this story.

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