In response to Jack Ingram’s Feb. 28 commentary – What are you trying to accomplish? Every time I read an article whose sole purpose is to bash on the beliefs of other Americans, I grow and more and more concerned that this country has entered an unrecoverable tailspin of hate, ignorance and the refusal of its citizens do anything besides piss and moan about not all sharing the same perspectives.

Haphazardly criticizing the viewpoint of another without offering a solution, compromise or otherwise plan of action is as worthless as the chicken scratch on the bathroom mirror. Instead of venting disdain for that which one does not understand, why can’t the social commentators of our generation choose to offer realistic suggestions to bring about change? Say something constructive for once.

Like it or not, we live in a society severely divided, and if this nation has any chance of righting itself, we need to learn to work together, not waste our time judging, stereotyping and loathing one another. The two party system works by encouraging compromise between two extremes, finding a gray between the black and the white, not by inciting a war of words bent on converting an entire country to the right or the left. We’re not all supposed to agree with each other, but if we don’t try to understand one another, how can we expect to improve our current situation? So please, quit your whining and consider trying your hand at writing something insightful.

Ryan Austin

General engineering sophomore

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