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A Cal Poly student woke up Tuesday morning around 6 a.m. when she found an burglar trying to break into her Cerro Vista Apartments residence hall.

The student woke up to the suspect attempting to enter her room through the ground floor window, according to a campuswide email sent out by University Police Department (UPD). She shouted at the suspect, who fled the area.

“The resident told (UPD) that her room was dark and it was not very light outside. She looked up and saw a person trying to come in,” university spokesperson Matt Lazier said. “They had barely gotten a foot in the window when she yelled and startled them away.”

The suspect was wearing dark-colored clothing with a hood, but nothing else is known about him or her. UPD is investigating the attempted burglary.

Benjy Egel contributed to this staff report. 

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