Credit: Ashley Ladin | Mustang News

Student comedians, singers and dancers performed in an on-campus variety show Thursday, Nov. 26 to raise money for Woolsey and Camp fire relief.

The performers came from Cal Poly Ballroom Dance, Smile and Nod, Nightcap, Comedy Club, That’s the Key and Take it SLO. A total of $435 was raised by ticket sales, and all proceeds will be donated to California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund.

The event was organized by psychology senior Jessica Clark, a member of That’s the Key and president of Nightcap, who brought all six groups together with her fundraiser idea.

“President Armstrong sent an email a few weeks ago stating empathy for all the students on campus who had been affected by the fires, but I was a little frustrated that there wasn’t any call to action in the email,” Clark said. “I spent a whole night looking for things to do. I just wanted to do something [that] would be helpful.”

Clark said she was happy with the big turnout, but would like more administrators and students to get involved with similar events.

“In the future, I hope performing arts groups on campus are seen [as] a resource,” Clark said. “I’m sure all these clubs would be happy to do this again. All of these clubs have the biggest hearts and we love to band together.”

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