Cal Poly students now have a new way of ordering food on the go. 

“While this switch slightly impacts Cal Poly, it had nothing to do with Campus Dining,” Campus Dining communications specialist Aaron Lambert said.  

Last year, some Campus Dining locations began using Tapingo. However, Grubhub purchased Tapingo earlier in the year and fully integrated the app last week. 

All Campus Dining venues are available on the GrubHub app except Yogurt Creations, Shake Smart, Chik-fil-A and Student Choice. 

All Tapingo accounts have been changed to GrubHub, and students can login with their previous login information. If a student did not previously have the Tapingo app, then they can download Grubhub and add California Polytechnic School as their campus under settings. All Campus Dining venues are easily available after these steps. 

The Grubhub app has more features for students, saving students time through mobile ordering. The app also serves restaurants outside of campus. 

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