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With many students returning home without access to the technology and WiFi Cal Poly’s campus already provides, some students have experienced technical difficulties that have severely impacted their studies. 

“There wasn’t anything that I could do, and I kinda just had to wait it out and hope that the Internet would come back on,” business administration senior Kareena Hunt said. 

Hunt is one of these students and dealt with a widespread WiFi cut in her hometown for a full school day.

“It was super inconvenient because I had two midterms the next day,” Hunt said.

Hunt is just one of the many students that has experienced WiFi issues. Animal science sophomore Emily Phelps said her professors expect them to have dependable WiFi.

“I was lucky that I didn’t have to take an exam that day,” Phelps said. It was out of my control and it’s frustrating that the professors did that.”

While Phelps was able to make-up the classwork, she said some students may not have the same luxury.

“One thing that none of my professors did this quarter was put out a disclaimer to just say, ‘I understand if you have Internet problems,’ because I am sure there are plenty of students that don’t have Internet access,” Hunt said.

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