Throughout the United States, many jobs have been put on hold due to COVID-19, but there are still people working on the front lines. In San Luis Obispo, many of the town’s residents are students who have kept working during the pandemic. 

Business senior Amanda Chiu has been working as a clerk at Ralph’s and gave insight into what it is like working during the shelter-in-place order. 

“I think at first I was kinda scared, you know with everything going on, but people have been pretty good with keeping distance, respecting our boundaries. And it’s kind of nice to kind of be part of the community,” Chiu said.

Video by Jonathon Crespin

Students currently working also face the dilemma of bringing home the virus to their household. Kinesiology senior Rachel Bergen stays in constant communication with her household to make sure they are okay with her working during the pandemic.

“I was surprised, but they all took it pretty well. I made sure before I told my boss I was ready to go back to work,” Bergen said. “I asked them because I felt I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable.” 

Most of the places students work in have had them interacting with the public.

“I think in general they are appreciative. They’re more appreciative toward front line workers and grocery workers. They’re always saying, ‘I appreciate you for being here’ or ‘thank you for being here,’ so that’s really nice,” Chiu said.

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